Chapter Website Training

Getting Stared With Your Chapter Website

Before we provide login credentials for your chapter website, you will need to complete a couple steps.

  1. Chapter Website Quick Guide — Read through the Chapter Website Quick Guide. This will help you learn key terms, features, and will answer some FAQs about your chapter website.
  2. Chapter Website Training Video — The video shows you step–by–step how you can add and update all aspects of your chapter website.
  3. Take this simple three question assessment. Be sure you read the quick guide and watch the training video before taking the assessment. Once you complete this, WFAA will be notified and we will follow up with your login credentials.

Optional Resources

If you are looking for a bit more assistance with your chapter website, we have a couple additional resources that may be helpful to you.

  • Website Training Webinar – This was recorded in August 2014, so some website features have been updated since this was recorded, but the majority is still very relevant.
  • December 2016 Chapter Conference Call – Following some updates to the chapter websites, on our monthly chapter call we discussed the updates as well as some best practices for your chapter website.

These training materials could be even more useful once you have access to your site, so be sure to return to reference as you get started testing different features. Feel free to reach out to your chapter representative if you have any questions about your website or getting setup with login credentials.