Welcome to the City Quick Guide

On August 28, 2018, in cities across America, chapters will host Welcome to the City events. It is an opportunity to meet other Badgers in your area and learn about the chapters’ various activities, celebrations, and networking opportunities.

Chapter’s Role

  • Secure an accessible venue and arrange food and beverage plans.
  • Submit event details at least six weeks prior to the event date.
  • Request supplies online at uwalumni.com/chapterleader, if needed.
  • Promote event on chapter social media accounts.
  • Send pre-event emails to registrants.
  • Provide list of walk-ins and attendees to your chapter representative.

WAA’s Role

  • Provide marketing and communication for the event.
    • Create event registration.
    • Send email invitations to recent graduates three weeks before the event.
    • Send email reminders one week before the event.
    • Send thank-you emails with a post-event survey following the event.
  • Provide raffle prizes.

Day of the Event

  • Arrive at the venue early to allow ample time for set-up.
  • Set up a registration/check-in area.
  • Greet attendees as they arrive.
  • Mingle, introduce attendees, and network as much as possible.

Event Tips

  • Host the event at an accessible familiar venue (e.g., the chapter’s game-watch location or a Badger-owned business).
  • Provide a cash bar.
  • Anticipate parking needs and accommodations; disseminate information about these details.
  • Plan décor and room arrangements, if necessary.