Chapter Check-List

Requirements for WAA-Recognized Chapters

Download the Chapter Check-List as a print ready PDF

  • Submit your leadership roster. (WAA provides an online form through which chapters update the names, positions, and demographic profiles of their board members.)
  • Direct all alumni communications through WAA email systems. This is very important. Chapters may not contact local alumni through their own email channels, although they may — and should — have their own social media accounts.
  • Establish a board of directors.
  • Ensure that chapter officers are UW-Madison alumni and WAA members.
  • Use WAA-branded logos and materials for all communications and promotional materials at events.
  • Host a Founders’ Day event annually.
  • Carry out ongoing fundraising efforts to fund a scholarship program.
  • Do not charge chapter dues.

WAA Support for All Official Chapters

Chapters help WAA to get the word out about UW-Madison around the globe, and WAA knows that you can’t do it alone. That’s why the WAA team provides you with quality services and support.

WAA offers:

  • Free email distribution to your local alumni
  • Chapter website and support
  • Free promotional materials and staff support for WAA-related events
  • Registration support for Founders’ Day celebrations and Badger Student Send-Off Celebrations
  • Founders’ Day planning, invitation printing, and mailing to local alumni
  • Founders’ Day speaker support
  • Badger Student Send-Off Celebration invitation printing and mailing to incoming students
  • Registration support for select, predetermined events
  • Demographic data about alumni in your area
  • Maintaining the Chapter Leader Handbook
  • Chapter-leader communications
  • Chapter-leader training
  • Assigned WAA staff person
  • WAA- and university-branded items and materials for some events and social media
  • Branded nametags
  • Marketing assistance
  • Free business cards
  • Lifelong-learning coordination and support
  • Some social-media content
  • Event-coordination support (career networking, educational, cultural)

Administrative Chapter Check-List for Running Your Chapter

  • Submit address changes and alumni-contact updates to WAA.
  • Submit your bylaws to WAA and update them as necessary.
  • Use a WAA-hosted chapter website.
  • Use a WAA chapter logo.
  • Hold at least one board meeting each year.
  • Promote some or all of the following WAA programs and corporate events:
    • Alumni career-development opportunities
    • Alumni for Wisconsin/advocacy initiatives
    • Homecoming
    • Badger Student Send-Off Celebration
    • Welcome to the City
    • WAA award programs (Badger of the Year Award, Distinguished Alumni Award, Forward under 40 Award)
    • The Red Shirt™
  • Hold one nonathletic event (not including Founders’ Day or Badger Student Send-Off Celebration).
  • Use the WAA calendar to post events in a timely manner.
  • Sponsor a Founders’ Day event.
  • Have at least one chapter leader participate in WAA leadership training.
  • Inform your WAA chapter representative about the major decisions and developments of your board.
  • Maintain active and prompt communication with your WAA staff liaison.
  • Carry out an active scholarship program through fundraising and awarding scholarship(s).
  • Establish a leadership-succession plan.