Badger Student Send-Off Celebration Quick Guide

Chapter’s Role

  • Determine the date and time of event; then secure the venue.
  • Event details must be submitted eight weeks in advance of your event date. Events should take place between mid-July and mid-August.

WAA’s Role

  • Provide marketing and communication for the event.
  • Provide event registration.
  • Disseminate talking points, university facts, and highlights to use as conversation openers.
  • Provide supplies, decorations, trivia questions, and an answer sheet. These will be sent to all participating chapters automatically; there is no need to submit a request for these.
  • Create a marketing timeline:
  • Mail a print invitation to new students (freshmen and transfer students) six weeks before the event.
  • Email current students and alumni four weeks before the event.
  • Email new students (freshmen and transfer students) four weeks before the event.
  • Send a reminder email to current students, alumni, and new students (freshmen and transfer students) two weeks before the event.
  • Send a post-event email and survey.

Event Ideas

  • Welcome message from the chapter president and/or WAA staff member, if present.
  • Panel offering advice from current students or recent grads.
  • Parent panel offering advice from current or recent UW parents.
  • Student introductions and ice-breaker activity (involving students’ names, high schools, intended majors, and residence halls).
  • Prize drawings for UW memorabilia and small giveaways such UW pens, notepads, or Babcock Hall ice cream coupons.
  • Fun food (e.g., decorate your cookie for dessert).
  • Fun activities.
  • Teach the attendees “Varsity” and “On, Wisconsin!”

Day of Event

  • Arrive at the venue early to allow ample time for set-up.
  • Take care of logistics.
  • Prepare volunteers if needed.
  • Staff the registration/check-in table.
  • Greet students and parents as they arrive.
  • Network, mingle, and introduce people as much as possible.