WAA Chapter Leader Handbook

Bascom Chapters

Bascom Chapter status is conferred upon chapters whose extraordinary efforts have distinguished them. Criteria include welcoming and connecting alumni in their area, supporting UW–Madison students and faculty, strengthening branding, and increasing donor and volunteer engagement that go well beyond Varsity-level performance. Bascom Chapters receive additional WFAA support and resources that are consistent with their commitment to serving the diverse needs and interests of all graduates. In order to be considered for Bascom Chapter status, a chapter must submit an annual report by October 1 detailing its qualifications in the following areas:

Annual Administrative Requirements

  • Establish a board of directors consisting of UW–Madison alumni
  • Create chapter by-laws
  • Submit an annual report, board roster, and treasurer’s report
  • Sign a data agreement
  • Direct communications to chapter participants through the WFAA email system
  • Use WAA-branded logos and materials for all communications and promotional materials at events
  • Carry out ongoing fundraising efforts to fund a scholarship program
  • Refrain from charging chapter dues
  • Maintain an enhanced, WFAA-hosted chapter website

Annual Event Requirements

  • Founders’ Day celebration
  • If applicable:
    • Badger Student Send-Off Celebration
    • Welcome to the City event

Conduct One of the Following Administrative Initiatives

  • Participate in leadership training: have chapter leaders become “peer mentors” to train others or host a local leadership-training event
  • Submit the description of an event, program, or activity that demonstrates best practices to be shared as a resource for other chapters

Conduct One Event That Supports Alumni Engagement

  • Host a career-development opportunity
  • Host a lifelong learning event (e.g., Badger Café)
  • Host an Alumni for Wisconsin advocacy event
  • Submit a nomination for a Badger of the Year Award, Distinguished Alumni Award, and/or Forward under 40 Award
  • Assist with a student initiative (e.g., through a targeted scholarship program or by working directly with the Office of Admissions and Recruitment)

Conduct Two of the Following Membership Initiatives

  • Have a diverse board (age, gender, race/ethnicity, LGBTQ, ability)
  • Have a young-alumni committee that orchestrates events specifically for young alumni and recent grads
  • Develop a plan to increase WAA membership and set targets for the chapter area

Conduct Two of the Following Outreach Initiatives

  • Hold one educational event (beyond Founders’ Day) annually
  • Participate in educational-outreach programs with local schools or community organizations (e.g., tutoring or service-learning programs)
  • Partner with a local organization or another college’s or university’s alumni chapter to coordinate an event
  • Hold an event that engages diverse alumni in your community (e.g., Alumni of Color Success in the City)
  • Hold an event that engages alumni families (beyond a Badger Student Send-Off Celebration) in your community

View Current and Past Bascom Chapters

WAA Support For Bascom Chapters

Bascom chapters receive all of the recognized chapter support, Varsity support, plus:

  • WFAA staff representation at an event of your choosing (based on staff availability)
  • An autographed football or basketball
  • One additional paid registration to attend the annual Badger Leaders Conference (two total)
  • Choice of one additional chapter-identity item (two total)
  • Two of the current edition of WAA’s The Red Shirt™
  • Recognition in WAA’s member publication, Badger Insider