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WAA Chapter Scholarship Timeline for Incoming Freshman, Transfer and Continuing Students

November 1-February 3Scholarship Applications are open in Wisconsin Scholarship Hub (WiSH) for incoming freshman and transfer students

Confirm scholarship committee members and submit data agreement forms to WAA for each individual in order to access student data
January 1Chapters:
Deadline to deposit money into scholarship funds for current academic year scholarships
February 3All chapter scholarship applications are closed in WiSH, 11:59pm
February 4-11Office of Student Financial Aid(OSFA):
Transfers student data to Box
February 12WAA:
Chapter scholarship committee members who have submitted a data agreement form will be given access to Box
February 12 – March 13Chapters:
Review applicant data for incoming freshman and transfer students
Select award winners and alternates
March 13Chapters:
Submit awardees and alternates to WAA via online form
March 13WAA:
Send list of awardees and alternates to OSFA
March 14 – March 20Chapters:
Notify awardees via phone or email
Notify alternates via email
Notify regrets via email (optional)

Update student profiles to reflect awards
Notify awardees via email
Notify alternates via email
Notify regrets via email
Transfer funds from scholarship accounts to student accounts from the previous selection year (total award will be split to cover fall and spring semester)
March 20 – June 1OSFA:
Send bi-weekly updates to WAA (accepted/pending/declined/withdrew award or acceptance to UW)

Send bi-weekly report to chapters
June 1Commitment Day! (With COVID-19 Extension from May 1)
June – dates TBDOSFA:
Transfers continuing student data to WAA Box

Share continuing student data with chapters in Box
Review continuing student data if desired
June 4-June 8WAA:
Send final report of confirmed awardees to chapters

Review final awardee list
Follow up with any students who have not accepted award in WiSH via phone and email
June 11 – June 15OSFA:
Notifies final alternates of award status
July 1Chapters:
Submit continuing student awards to WAA via online form
July 1 – July 5Chapters:

Send final communication/stats/survey email to chapters
July 10 – July 21Chapters:
Complete process survey
Send scholarship receipt to chapters