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Treasurer Position Description

Job Description

The Chapter Treasurer supports the Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA) mission and the local chapter and is responsible for the overall fiscal management of the chapter. The Treasurer manages financial transactions such as disbursement of funds and collection and recording of receipts. The Treasurer handles all banking transactions and provides financial and/or tax reports to chapter leadership and to WAA as necessary.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Serve as the custodian of chapter funds
  • Be the principal disbursing agent for the chapter
  • Collect and record receipt of funds and contributions
  • Confirm board authorization of expenditures
  • Handle banking operations
  • Report on chapter finances at board meeting
  • Assume responsibility for complete accounting of funds
  • Initiate action for the chapter budget
  • File annual tax report, if applicable
  • Prepare year-end financial statement for chapter annual report, as needed


  • Financial-management skills a plus
  • Good accounting and math skills a plus
  • Organization skills a plus