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Secretary Position Description

Job Description

The Chapter Secretary supports the Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA) mission by building an inclusive local community of UW alumni and supporters united by Badger pride, spirit, and the desire to advance UW-Madison's positive impact on the world.  The Board Secretary is responsible for keeping the chapter organized - preparing for meetings, documenting important information, tracking decisions, action items, and attendance, and assisting with chapter leadership as needed.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Maintain record of leadership meetings and attendance
  • Prepare and distribute meeting agendas and minutes
  • Keep leadership (and WAA as appropriate) informed of meetings, nominations, elections and changes in leadership.
  • Understand the WAA mission and purpose of alumni communities.
  • Be familiar with WAA resources and support.
  • Participate in monthly Badger Leaders calls
  • Utilize resources provided by WAA
  • Assist in delegating responsibilities and supporting committees, event chairs, and other chapter leaders in their duties when needed
  • Ensure alignment with WAA is maintained through communications, engagement, and fundraising.
  • Follow WFAA policies and protocols for all events and activities, using registration, email and web support.


  • Must be a UW-Madison alum/na
  • Understand the WAA mission and purpose of alumni communities.
  • Strong affinity to UW-Madison
  • Commitment to create an inclusive Badger community
  • Ability to maintain communications with WAA
  • Ability to stay informed on WAA news, updates, and information through Badger Leaders
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Ability to delegate tasks in an organized fashion
  • Ability to work well in a team setting
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office
  • Ability to take direction and assist others
  • Previous work in a leadership or supervisory role, a plus
  • Communication skills and public speaking skills, a plus
  • Previous event planning experience, a plus