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Athletics Committee

Job Description

The Athletics Team supports the Wisconsin Alumni Association mission and the local chapter by implanting Welcome-Connect-Support. This team is responsible for planning and executing game watch parties, athletic social programs, chapter sports teams or other athletic events based on the interest of the local chapter. The Athletics Team works closely with the Communications team and WAA to ensure information and opportunities are communicated to local alumni.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Plan and coordinate fun events to connect alumni and ignite the Badger spirit in support of UW Badger athletic events (i.e. football games, basketball games, volleyball, etc.)
  • Plan and coordinate game watch or tailgate events for bowl games, B1G Ten tournaments, and NCAA tournaments as necessary.
  • Brainstorm athletic event ideas with chapter members to incorporate alumni interest and participation.
  • Work with the chapter leadership and WAA communication and marketing staff to reach out to alumni via website, e-mail, and social media, to promote events and encourage participation.
  • Request event supplies from WAA as needed


  • Enthusiasm for organizing and hosting Badger-related events
  • Knowledge of Badger game time traditions and lyrics to Varsity a plus
  • Previous event planning experience a plus
  • Organizational skills a plus
  • Ability to speak in front of large crowds a plus
  • Negotiation skills a plus

Event Suggestions

  • Wisconsin sporting events game watch parties or tickets to games when teams are in town – i.e. Packers, Brewers, Bucks games
  • Partner with B1G Ten alumni chapters to host joint athletic social events – i.e. golf tournament, softball games, kickball, bocce ball, etc.
  • Organize a chapter sports team and participate in a community league
  • Plan and coordinate a local Crazy Legs run in conjunction with the Madison Crazy Legs event