Alumni connect on the most isolated landmass on earth: Bruce Matthews

One of the things that brings great value to my UW degree is the entree that it provides to other alumni wherever they may be. My wife and I vacation on the Hawaiian island of Kauai every year. I read in the 2018 Fall issue of On Wisconsin that David H Lorence, a 1970 botany undergrad, was currently the Director of Science and Conservation at the National Tropical Botanical Garden on Kauai. So, I emailed David when we arrive the beginning of March 2019 and he invited my wife and I to their headquarters in Kalaheo and we had a great visit. The attached photo was taken when we met on March 20th. I am the taller guy with the white hair. We were both on campus at the same time in the late 60’s and immediately bonded through our shared tear gas experiences!