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William S. Stark’s retired running streak

Jun. 08, 2017
Category: Personal

Dr. William S. Stark MA’70, PhD’73 a Professor of Biology at Saint Louis University in Missouri, has ended his four decades long running streak. “Today, Friday June 2, 2017 was the last day of my run every day streak that started September 10, 1976,” said Dr. Stark in a statement to Streak Runners International (SRI) and the United States Running Streak Association (USRSA). “I was escorted to this finish line through a week of beautiful mornings (except for the pain) running half of my usual distance (about 35 minutes daily). I had surgery for a hernia, and I intend to obey the doctor’s orders because I hope to eventually get back to running every day that wonderful distance (about 40 miles per week) that makes me feel so good. For everybody who told me how amazing my record was, I have replied that I certainly was amazed myself. It has been fun to boast to people about my record, but perhaps the best part of that was to serve as an inspiration to others. It will be great, after a hiatus, to enjoy jogging without hurting (hopefully), and so I will bid the streak farewell, grateful that I had the opportunity that I had.”

Dr. Stark’s running streak lasted 14,876 days (40 years, 266 days) and was the ninth longest active running streak in the world when it ended. It is now listed as the fifth longest retired running streak in the United States and sixth longest retired streak in the world. Dr. Stark had previously notified SRI/USRSA that as of 31 December 2016 he had covered 97,400 streak miles and 107,400 lifetime miles during his illustrious running career.

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