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Jarell Skinner-Roy ’07 Added to the NASA Astrophysics Database of IDEA Practitioners

Mar. 24, 2023
Category: Leadership

Through a new National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) initiative, Jarell Skinner-Roy ’07 — a UW–Madison alumnus and current doctoral student in higher education at the University of Michigan — will have the opportunity to serve on inclusion panels throughout the year alongside other DEI experts and practitioners to review and evaluate inclusion plans that are submitted with proposals to NASA’s Astrophysics Division. The purpose of the program is to help build more inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible (IDEA) environments in STEM.

Each submitted NASA proposal throughout the year will be reviewed by one or more science panels subdivided by subject areas in addition to an inclusion panel made up of DEI practitioners across the country. Skinner-Roy will serve on the inclusion panels which will meet remotely over a three-to-five-day period to offer feedback and suggestions for improvement. The Inclusion Pilot Program aims to increase diversity of thought and backgrounds across NASA’s Astrophysics Division.

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