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Reflections from Stephen L. Anderson (Class of August, 1966) B.A. in Spanish

Apr. 16, 2019
Category: Memories

Stephen Anderson served in the Peace Corps for two years in Chile after graduating from UW-Madison in August 1966. He considers those experiences as a Peace Corps Volunteer as some of the most difficult and challenging life experiences he has had yet life-sustaining in many spiritual ways given the vast array of host-country nationals he befriended while there, including Salvador Allende Gossens and a brief encounter with the poet, Pablo Neruda.

In retrospect, he now believes that many of those experiences were formative ones in his life since that time. He has taught in various institutions, including a one-year lectureship at the Queen Mary and Westfield College of the University of London ’89-’90, and he has had a second career as a psychotherapist since 1975 from which he retired in December 2018. In addition, Anderson has, perhaps due to his first attempted successful publication of a poem in SouthWest Review in 2000, pursued a career in writing poetry and is the author of five poetry collections, the most recent of which is The Dream Angel Plays The Cello (Aldrich Press/ Kelsay Books, February 2019.) He believes that the global perspective in his poetry has to do with his experiences in South America, coupled with his subsequent travels there as well as his experiences in Europe. He is married to a native of Trinidad & Tobago, and he has two daughters.

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