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Keynote Speaker On the Nazi Student Resistance Group Called The White Rose: Stephani Richards-Wilson

Apr. 19, 2018
Category: Performance

On April 10, 2018, Stephani Richards-Wilson, PhD, served as the Keynote Speaker at Oakton Community College in Skokie, Illinois. Her talk was entitled, “The White Rose: Their Transatlantic Legacy.” The Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Herbert Quelle, introduced her and her talk was attended by over 80 guests. Oakton Community College held a series of events that day to commemorate the White Rose. Richards-Wilson graduated from the Department of German in 2013 and her dissertation is the only one in the English language that focuses on one of the core members, Willi Graf of the White Rose. She presented on Graf in February 2018 at the University of Munich where the White Rose students were enrolled in 1942-1943. In November 2017, she was the talk back speaker after a performance of the play “The White Rose” produced by Know Better Productions at the Broom Street Theater in Madison.

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