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Megan McGowan ’07 Is on a Mission to Make Parents’ Lives Easier

Nov. 01, 2022
Category: Career

Megan McGowan ’07 launched Lilvil, a website where parents can outsource research, planning, and scheduling tasks to create actual flexible work.

“As a mom of three under 4, I know that parenting duties don’t stop at bedtime and that traditional work hours don’t work for parents. I’ve spent many evenings planning meals, researching childcare, and scheduling activities for my kids. That’s why I created Lilvil— to help make parents’ lives easier. In just five minutes or less, you can outsource tasks that generally take up to several hours such as party and meal planning, gift shopping, activity and haircut scheduling, and childcare research.”

Lilvil Experts, mostly moms, create personalized recommendations and plans. By requesting services from Lilvil, not only do parents save time, but they enable other parents to work at any time and from anywhere.

“Launching a business has been a lifelong dream of mine, but what I am most excited about is to give parents back some time so they can spend it on what matters most to them.”

Megan lives in Chicago with her husband and three kids.

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