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Philology and Teacher Training in Eastern Europe: Lauren Anderson

May. 05, 2021
Category: Recognition

Lauren Anderson ’04 is in her second year serving as English Language Fellow for the U.S. Department of State. During the 2019-20 school year, she worked and lived in Latvia. She served the U.S. Embassy as a professor at the University of Latvia and trained English teachers all over the country. The national Ministry of Education has developed a common core type curriculum, and part of the Fellowship included helping finish the language curriculum and implement the rollout in school. COVID-19 interrupted the Fellowship, but opened up the opportunity to join the country’s educational response by writing and performing in a national public television program designed to teach 4th grade English as a foreign language. Upon returning to the U.S., Lauren was able to continue her Fellowship virtually in Latvia and also at Mogilev State University in Belarus. Lauren also currently is the Assistant Professor of Developmental Education at National Louis University in Chicago, IL.

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