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Jack Kaltenberg to Receive First WALSAA Daluge Red Jacket Award

Aug. 01, 2016
Category: Recognition

Kaltenberg to Receive First WALSAA Daluge Red Jacket Award
MADISON, Wis. (August 1, 2016) — Watch a new tradition begin at the September 17th WALSAA Football Fire-Up as the first WALSAA Daluge Red Jacket Award will be presented to Jack Kaltenberg.

The new award honors Peggy and Rick Daluge, known to most WALSAA members. Rick was WALSAA’s Executive Director for many years and a founding member of the National Ag Alumni and Development Association (NAADA). Rick served as CALS Placement Director and CALS Assistant Dean before retiring as FISC Director in 2008. A red jacket will be presented to someone who has helped WALSAA grow each year in their honor.

Jack Kaltenberg was selected as the first recipient because as an early WALSAA President he guided the organization through much growth. With his help, WALSAA increased membership, jumpstarted alumni outreach through area dinners, and began more student awards at graduation.

“I recall the first Fire-Up,” Jack said. “We had 40 people and a grill on the grass outside the stock pavilion.” This event has now grown to about 500 people and is an annual industry event.

Kaltenberg is an Owner of Partners in Production, LLC. He and his wife, Jane, live in DeForest.

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