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Ash Kyrie Woolson presents art exhibition of “Ceramic Memes, 2020”

Oct. 20, 2020
Category: Performance

Upcoming Exhibition: “Ceramic Memes, 2020”

October 16th- Nov. 1st

Artist Ash Kyrie presents a visual investigation into the internet and its accumulating effect on our lives.  Artworks include a bust of iconic Wisconsin Progressive Bob La Follette, vessels decorated with facial recognition software, an interactive display of “face catching” ceramic faces and a Lego-head sauerkraut crock.

Kyrie says: “Cameras, microphones, and artificial learning have combined into one saucy mixture of complete surveillance and predictive algorithms. The goal of capitalism is to completely monetize our bodies and our thoughts with zero regard to the quality of our lives.  These ceramic pieces are both a serious and humorous response.  Please add this show to my current surveillance and temperament file.”

Kyrie lives in Argyle, Wisconsin and is a graduate of UW Madison with an MFA from The Ohio State University.  His artwork and commentary reflecting his experiences in the Iraq War with the Wisconsin National Guard have been exhibited throughout the world.

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