Alan Chen ’15 speaking at a Wisconsin Ideas event in Naples, Florida

Onward, Wisconsin

Alan Chen ’15 speaks at a Wisconsin Ideas event in Naples, Florida. Then a senior and Bascom Hill Society Scholarship recipient, Chen shared the stage with faculty and alumni who spoke about the importance of UW-Madison.

A comprehensive campaign lays out UW-Madison’s priorities and a plan to achieve them.

From Florida to California to New York, the influence of Badger graduates spreads out from Madison across the country — and indeed, around the globe. And the Wisconsin Alumni Association wants you to see just how much the UW is doing, not just in the home of our alma mater, but in your community and everywhere.

To help launch the UW’s comprehensive campaign, WAA helped to plan a series of Wisconsin Ideas events in cities around the country. The events showcase the work of faculty and the impact of alumni.

We’re joining with our colleagues on campus and at the UW Foundation to support a comprehensive campaign to build support for the university. In the coming months and years, you’ll see a concerted effort to show the effects of the Wisconsin Idea — we’ll take faculty to your hometown, trumpet stories of faculty and student success, and remind you of the ways that UW-Madison has shaped your life.

The campaign is about much more than fundraising. It’s about showing the world the value of the UW — what our alma mater has done and is doing to make the world a better place.

In particular, we’re encouraging alumni to support UW-Madison along four strategic priorities:

  • Investing in faculty excellence
  • Supporting students
  • Enhancing students’ Wisconsin Experience
  • Expanding the boundaries of knowledge to address world problems

What do these priorities have in common? They’re all expressions of the Wisconsin Idea: the principle that the boundaries of the university are the boundaries of the state and even the world. The Wisconsin Idea reminds us that UW-Madison isn’t some ivory tower, but rather, is an active force to improve lives everywhere.

In the following pages, you’ll see what WAA is doing to help the UW achieve these four priorities. And in the coming months, you’ll hear more and more about those priorities and how you can help UW-Madison get better at each one of them. Because the campaign isn’t just about the UW and the students who are here today — it’s about building on the legacy of the Wisconsin Idea so that it shapes alumni for generations to come.