Return on Investments

At the Wisconsin Alumni Association, we know that UW-Madison’s graduates show support for their alma mater in many ways: you give financial gifts, but you also show pride by wearing Badger red; you speak out to legislators; you volunteer with your local chapter. Every time you engage with the UW, you invest your time, attention, and interest. And you expect to see returns: a university that continues its drive toward excellence and the search for truth, and an alumni association that represents the interests of graduates.

Your relationship with WAA is more than financial — but you also expect us to be wise stewards of the contributions you’ve given. In the following pages, you’ll see how WAA and our partners at the UW Foundation are doing our best to make the most impact with the funds entrusted to us.

If you’d like to make a gift to WAA beyond membership dues, please contact us at 608-262-2551 or visit our website, If you want to know more about investing in UW-Madison, please contact the UW Foundation at 608-263-4545 or