Chair of WAA President’s Advisory Council, Kelli Trumble

Annual Report

A Few Words From Kelli Trumble

I’ve been delighted to chair WAA’s new President’s Advisory Council this past year. The council provides advice and support for WAA — a role formerly filled by the association’s board of directors, which has now been incorporated into the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association’s board as the two organizations have merged.

Excellence doesn’t happen easily or overnight. If we want to keep the UW way up there at the top, we have to make sure our effort does not cease.Herbert Kohl ’56

The President’s Advisory Council’s role is to serve as informed champions for alumni interests and to maximize the Badger-to-Badger connections that are so critical to the success of the university. We aim to represent the interests and concerns of a broad variety of alumni voices to the UW and WFAA executive and board leadership, as well as to inform WAA’s efforts to recruit and train volunteers and to provide other means of assistance.

There are currently 21 representatives on the council, and we’ve met three times in the past year. We’ve had a busy year. I and several other Wisconsin-based members hosted outreach events with alumni in our areas in order to brainstorm ways to support the university during the recent budget cycle. The council is helping to complete fundraising for One Alumni Place, and several of us served on the selection committee for this year’s Forward under 40 Award winners. In October, we will help WAA to coordinate the Building Badger Leaders conference — a new initiative to equip and inform alumni leaders. We have also been engaged in recommending fellow alumni to serve on various university advisory boards, including the UW Athletic Board, boards of visitors for the schools and colleges, and the WFAA board.

As I embark on my second year as chair of the council, I look forward to continuing to lead our efforts to provide that boots-on-the-ground networking with alumni and to nurture their connection with campus. I keep coming back to that word champion. One definition of a champion is “an ardent defender or supporter of a cause or another person.” We are committed to defending and supporting the best interests of alumni and of the university we all love. If you have any thoughts you’d like us to share with WAA leadership, I encourage you to reach out to us at

Thank you, and on, Wisconsin!

Kelli Trumble ’79
Chair, WAA President’s Advisory Council