Grand Cuban Voyage

March 13, 2017 - March 27, 2017

Experience the best of western Cuba—from the bayside charms of Cienfuegos to the faded colonial grandeur of Havana—on an exciting journey aboard the Variety Voyager. Take advantage of three days to peel back the layers of Cuba’s historic capital, Havana, where jewel-toned vintage cars roll past towering cathedrals and art deco masterpieces. Watch lush scenery unfold at Guanahacabibes, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve brimming with colorful wildlife, and explore the turtle sanctuary at Cayo Largo, a secluded limestone island fringed with powdery white-sand beaches. Stroll cobbled streets framed by pastel mansions in Trinidad, Cuba’s Spanish colonial showpiece, and delve into the rich French heritage of Cienfuegos, the “Pearl of the South.” All along the way, enjoy insider access to unique cultural activities and opportunities to interact with diverse Cuban citizens, including artists, musicians, historians, naturalists, and more. Read more.

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Cuba certainly did not disappoint, and the neither did our wonderful, curious, easygoing, and open-minded group of 30 travelers.


Exploring Cuba

“From Havana to the Bay of Pigs to Cienfuegos, every day was filled with enriching interactions with the Cubans whom we met during our people-to-people exchange.” WAA’s Kate Prehn ’09 tell us about her Cuba adventure.