The Bucky List: Six reasons to be glad winter is over

We hope it is, but we couldn’t really be sure when we wrote this.
Winter in Wisconsin is a beautiful thing. As Lake Mendota glazes over and branches turn translucent, we begin to think, “Maybe this winter won’t be so bad after all.” The brown grass is replaced by white snow … which is then replaced by brown snow. And then brown grass again. And then, finally, spring arrives! We love living in a place that embraces the changing of the seasons. Here are the top six reasons to be glad that spring has sprung.

1. No more falling

It’s happened. To all of us. Ice is slippery, especially when hidden under a layer of snow. Then you’re faced with a decision: act like nobody saw, or embrace it with a snow angel?

2. More daylight

No longer will we go to the library in the dark and, eight hours later, leave the library in the dark! Unless all-nighters are your kind of thing.

3. Biking to class

Which is way faster than walking to class, and you remember the struggle of hoofing it to class all winter — uphill, both ways. Or taking the bus, which brings us to …

4. The bus on ice

Honestly, is there anything more terrifying than riding the Route 80 bus up Observatory Drive when the roads are icy? (No.)

5. Food carts!

When the scents of falafel and empanadas commingle on Library Mall, somehow winter seems to have all been worth it.

6. All of the activities

Farmers’ markets. The spring football game. Crazylegs. Napping on Bascom. You name it, and springtime allows it. Now take this magazine outside and enjoy some fresh air!

Photos courtesy Jeff Miller and Bryce Richter, University Communications