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Badger Insider is an exclusive publication for members of WAA, featuring your campus memories, the UW’s rich history, and points of UW-Madison pride. Each issue captures the Badger experience, with stories and photos contributed by UW alumni themselves.

Legends of the Fall Semester

UW–Madison has a storied history. If only all those stories were true. The arrival of another fall semester means that another class of freshmen has come to campus. Even as you read this, these young Badgers are learning about their university from their fellow students. Upperclassmen and -women will soon educate them about UW–Madison and […]

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Badgering: Dick Maddrell ’73, MBA’74

In the spring of 2016, a children’s book was published. Its main character is a grandfather who is excitedly preparing for the arrival of his first grandchild. But, being a children’s book, the characters are animals: cute, fluffy badgers, to be exact.

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Hop Haus Verona, WI

Badger Brewski

There’s something about an ice-cold beer and a lake and a sunset. In fact, that’s practically the beginning of every country song ever. (Or, if it was a warm beer and the hood of a Dodge, the beginning of the greatest Springsteen song ever.) Beer and Wisconsin go together like, well, beer and Wisconsin. Beer […]

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Now Serving

Now Serving It’s a familiar feeling. That late-night, after-dark, rumble-in-your-tummy sensation that can be quieted by only one thing: junk food. (Or kale chips if you’re one of those types.) Stressed out during an all-nighter at College Library? Good thing you have A8 China on speed dial. Need a break while walking home after hanging […]

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