Ask Abe

Ask Abe, a popular feature that’s now part of Badger Voice, is your chance to get the answers to the UW-Madison questions you always wanted to ask, but never did. Like, “Why is the Humanities building so hard to navigate?” or “How long has Scanner Dan occupied State Street?” or “Can I really buy beer at the Union without a student ID?” Sure, there were rumors. But Honest Abe will get you the real answers.

KroCS 1.0

I was just wondering about the history of Kronshage Residence Hall. What was the cost of tuition in 1940? How much would it have cost to stay in the new Kronshage dorms when it opened? And do you know when it became a coed dorm? Thanks, Abe.

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Camp Randall Camp

Thinking of Camp Randall, not as a football stadium, but as a Civil War camp, are there resources to tell of the activities there, particularly of the Wisconsin 22nd home guard? Are there pictures? How do I find the small remnant park of the old camp?

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Home Management Practice House

In the Fall 2009 issue of On Wisconsin Magazine, there was a story called “Real Cheap Real Estate?” about a School of Human Ecology building on sale for $1 for anyone who would move it. Was the house moved, or did it get deconstructed? Thanks, Abe.

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The Mystery of Modine Gunch

In August 1969, I was walking along the Union Terrace. There was a large banner hanging on the Union stating that today was Modine Gunch Day. I didn't take the time to find out what it was all about. I should have, because it was one of my last days on campus. Do you know what this was?

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The Octopus

Whatever happened to The Octopus, the eight-times-a-year humor mag that was in a constant battle with The Daily Cardinal? Thanks, Abe.

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