Ask Abe

Ask Abe, a popular feature that’s now part of Badger Voice, is your chance to get the answers to the UW-Madison questions you always wanted to ask, but never did. Like, “Why is the Humanities building so hard to navigate?” or “How long has Scanner Dan occupied State Street?” or “Can I really buy beer at the Union without a student ID?” Sure, there were rumors. But Honest Abe will get you the real answers.

Ask Abe: Art the Window Washer

I remember a gentleman named Art — that’s all my friends and I ever knew him as — who walked up and down State Street during my time at the UW. I remember that he died around 1980–81 and that his death was noted on campus, but I don’t remember the details. He seemed to be a permanent fixture on State Street, and everyone I knew at the time knew of Art. I wrote a paper about him for an English class and seem to remember getting a pretty good grade. Do you have any more information about him?

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Photo of Tunnel Bob from the Badger Herald

Ask Abe: Pay Much Attention to the Man Beneath the Campus

I am wondering about an interesting character who at UW-Madison in the late 1970s and early ’80s — Tunnel Bob. My roommates and I encountered him one evening as we made our way through the steam tunnels underneath campus. Any idea if Tunnel Bob continues to patrol the caverns of the UW heating system?

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KroCS 1.0

I was just wondering about the history of Kronshage Residence Hall. What was the cost of tuition in 1940? How much would it have cost to stay in the new Kronshage dorms when it opened? And do you know when it became a coed dorm? Thanks, Abe.

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Camp Randall Camp

Thinking of Camp Randall, not as a football stadium, but as a Civil War camp, are there resources to tell of the activities there, particularly of the Wisconsin 22nd home guard? Are there pictures? How do I find the small remnant park of the old camp?

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