Badger Insider Sneak Peek: Yes, We’re Open for Badger Business

1. November 03 2009
05:44 AM
In southwest Florida we gather at "Big Al's" in Bonita Springs on Saturdays and watch one of 20 TVs each tuned and marked with a special game...we usually meet Badgers (Snow-Birds) from all over the country; all of us from about the same era--'50's & '60's...GREAT TIME!
--Posted by Andrew Wojdula

2. November 03 2009
10:21 AM
Mad River in NYC does a great job of supporting the Badger tradition. I own a bar in NYC on the other side of town. The Lion's Head Tavern on the Upper West side of Manhattan offers up all of the Badgers games as well as cheap Wisconsin beer and snacks. I am a proud UW Grad from the class of 1991. If you don't feel like going across town, c'mon in and wear your Red! 995 Amsterdam Avenue at the corner of 109th Street.
--Posted by gus hookanson

3. November 03 2009
11:22 AM
In Portland, even though I don't live here, I just joined an Alumni group at Macadams Bar and Grill on Macadam St. near John's Landing for the Purdue game. . The group was small but enthusiastic.. They plan to be there every week including the inevitable bowl game. They are also planning a joint get together with Marquette folks for the UW-Marquette BB game in December. Wish I could be there.
--Posted by Edward Hahn

4. November 03 2009
01:28 PM
It's Swanky's in Denver, down in LoDo by Coors Field. It's all red on game days -- feels like you're in Madison! I remember a game we won against Michigan a couple of years ago -- such a riot! I understand that for Packer Backers, they also tune in on Sundays to Packers games.
--Posted by Jordan Graham

5. November 10 2009
03:05 PM
Will's Northwoods in Chicago of course - where I was wearing my "lucky" (for the football team - they are 67-3 when I've worn it) fuzzy badger hat - shown above (a picture from last year I guess.) My nickname there is "Trumpetman"... & a bit of an icon there - a la the old Portage Plumber of old... I entertain the fans with my trumpet - playing the Wisconsin songs & they sing/cheer along. I hope to see a Wisconsin fan bar in the NW burbs of Chicago though as well (as there are a lot of alumni out here) - so I don't have to make the one hour (each way) trek downtown all the time :-) -- though the energy at Will's is worth it... I played my trumpet the night before the Rose Bowl win vs. UCLA in 1994 out in Pasadena & the Wisconsin fans gave me about 200 bucks in tips - which was surprising - as they usually tip me in beer :-) Of course - the fuzzy badger hat was worn at each Rose Bown win.... Even better luck if the ladies kiss or pet the Badger...
--Posted by Richard Hauser