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1. February 14 2009
03:00 PM
eric burns'son of jerry h burns,my father and mother attended um, i understand he wrote a school news paper Burns Boots, what can you tell me about him? would love to hear about him as i have not seen him in over 40 years!
--Posted by eric burns

2. February 08 2010
09:20 AM
From Beth Rasmussen: Don't forget my brother! Nick Rasmussen, '01, won a Scientific and Engineering Academy Award in 2008.
--Posted by Rebekah Hunt

3. February 08 2010
09:21 AM
From Lynn Friedman: I've got no Oscars, but i do have 11 Emmys.
--Posted by Rebekah Hunt

4. May 12 2013
05:24 PM
Am looking for a John (last name is lost in memory) who pledged Sigma Chi in 1959. I had to sing Oh, Johnny Oh to him as a Chi O pledge. I tried the Sigma Chi house, but got no reply to my email. Is there a way to find this long lost friend? Can't be too many Johnnys who had that sung to them in that year at the Sigma Chi House.
--Posted by Carolyn Chambers Clark