Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Alumni Council (GLBTAC)

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Scholarship Fund

Your gift will advance the educational opportunity of a deserving student who has demonstrated a commitment to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. While advancing the mission of the UW-Madison as a world class university, scholarships can benefit those leaders of tomorrow. Gifts may be named in honor of donors or their loved ones. Endowment gifts, also named, are encouraged to help ensure the long-term viability of the access to higher education and LGBT programs. Your kindness and generosity will open doors to a student whose only obstacle between a dim future and one filled with promise is a scholarship.

Donate today through the UW Foundation and designate your gift for the GLBT Alumni Council Scholarship Fund.

Distinguished Alumni Awards

The GBLT Alumni Council wishes to recognize our very own UW Madison alumni who have made significant contributions to their fields. Please make us aware of deserving UW Madison alumni!

Distinguished Alumni Award nominations are continuously accepted, so e-mail us if you know of any deserving UW Madison alumni.

Our Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

The GLBT Alumni Council recognizes distinguished GLBT alumni and allies who have made outstanding contributions to their communities and/or professions. We believe that distinguished alumni who are OUT, in any field, inherently benefit the GLBT community.

Our past Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients:

  • Lisa Aarli MS '00
  • David Adamany MS '63, PhD '67
  • Jess Anderson ‘63
  • Tammy Baldwin JD '89
  • Carrie Barnett MA '90
  • Chester Biscardi '70, MA '72, MA '72 MMusic '74
  • Ruth Bleier
  • Barbara Cox Jd '82
  • Judith Devereux '86
  • Emily Dickmann '97
  • Karlas Dobinski '73, JD '76
  • Claire Fulenwider Ma '76, PhD'78
  • George Gay '68, MD '72
  • Ramon Gutierrez MA '76 PhD '80
  • Jay Hatheway PhD '92
  • Ed Heshek '70
  • Susan Holtzman SP '94
  • Raphael Kadushin ’75, MA ‘78
  • Virginia Kaeser '69
  • Bruce Lehman '67 JD'70
  • Brenda Marston MA ’85, MA ‘88
  • Toni McNaron PhD '64
  • Steven K. Miller '72
  • George L. Mosse, Dept. of History 1956-1988
  • Robert Peters PhD '52
  • Martha Popp '88
  • Susan M. Schaffer '62
  • Gregory W. Schultz '70
  • George Stambolian MA '62, PhD '69
  • Howard Sweet ‘67
  • Evelyn Torton Beck PhD'69
  • Richard Uspel '67 MA '72
  • Rick Villasenor '88
  • Richard Wagner MA '67, PhD '71