Goodspeed Family Pier

Brought to the Lake Mendota shore by the Wisconsin Alumni Association, the Goodspeed Family Pier opened in 2013 to enable boat-access and welcome the community to the UW-Madison campus. Named in honor of Mary Sue Goodspeed Shannon ’81 and her family, the pier features:

  • Dock space for up to 17 watercraft
  • More than 330 linear feet of boardwalk
  • Environmentally sustainable construction
  • Improved water flow for the UW lakeshore

In season, open 6:00 a.m. to midnight

Docking Rates: $3 per hour for boat parking. $1.50 per hour for canoe and kayak parking. Two-hour limit. All proceeds from docking support the Wisconsin Alumni Association and pier operations. Thank you for your support! Watercraft that are not properly attended may be subject to fine or tow.

Safety First! We at WAA are grateful for all that the UW does to look out for swimmers’ safety. But the Goodspeed Family Pier is designed for motor- and sailboat and paddlecraft access and docking. For the safety of all, no swimming is permitted near the pier.

View photos from the Official Dedication of the Goodspeed Family Pier at WisAlumni on Facebook.

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