Memories from the Class of 1966

As a UW student, I loved Picnic Point. It was my favorite place to walk, and I enjoyed seeing Lake Mendota!
Thomas Adams MA’66, PhD’72

Professors Mosse and Goldberg really stood out to me. People would come to listen who weren’t even in class. The ’60s were an exciting time to be on campus. We took over the administration building and always had political talks. We were there to learn and enjoy it, not just to go through the motions. After graduating, I got a PhD in urban education. We had high ideals, but many problems still persist.
Steven Baruch ’66, MA’67

The UW was a great university. If you were willing to work hard, they would help you get wherever you wanted to be. My lab was on the second floor of Mechanical Engineering, and we used to watch football games from the lab. My professor was so busy that we met at 2 a.m. to talk about my projects.
Arthur Billy MS’66, PhD’69

One of my fondest memories was traveling for the women’s bowling team and going to Purdue for the tournament.
Jeanette Chambers ’66

I moved into the dorms early, and the only other girls who moved in early as well were a girl from my high school and the girl who was going to be my wife. I ran into them before classes and ended up sitting next to my future wife in one of our classes. We got married the day after graduation on campus, and we are celebrating 50 years this year!
James Clatterbaugh ’66

There was a professor of legal history, Hurst. He was retiring, and at the last class he said, “I’m leaving, and you all are going out for your first jobs. When I was a young man, I worked for Supreme Court Justice Brandeis. On his last day, Brandeis gave me this wisdom: ‘Life is one damn thing after another,’ so now I’m passing that on to you.” And in 50 years since graduating, I have certainly found that to be true.
Steven Cohen ’66, JD’69

I was studying television at the time and really liked television work. I worked at WHA-TV for over a year part time. They were way out on University Avenue when I was there. I was also in a film production class with Professor Byrne and made a film that won a campuswide film competition.
Rolf Darbo ’66

Dr. Middleton served as a great inspiration to me. He was the UW medical school. He would meet with every medical student to catch up and give advice. He pulled every student aside at least once to give advice on internships and the future.
Margaret Douglass ’66, MD’70

Spending the summer in Madison in ’65; chamber music performances on Fridays in Music Hall; graduation ceremony at Camp Randall; construction going on in the upper deck.
Thomas Eversen ’66, MS’75

We both got our master’s degrees in 1966 and were planning our wedding while I was completing my thesis. We got married in Madison, and our family and friends came from Indiana and Minnesota to see us. Our reception was in her apartment, but the UW brought us together.
Robert Fawley MS’66

I met my husband in the library. We’re going back to campus to celebrate our 50-year wedding anniversary this summer!
Nancy Lifshey Goldberg ’66

Well, I did most of my studying on State Street at The Pub. I had 13 brothers and sisters, and we all went to Madison. I was visiting back about a year ago, and I walked in the front of State Street Brats. I saw this kid sitting in the window. I said, “S’cuse me, kid, you’re in my seat.” He says, “No, I’m not! I’ve been here since 9 o’clock.” I say, “Oh, yeah? I’ve been here since 1969!”
Michael Green ’66

I remember walking west from Bascom Hill with 20-mile-per-hour wind blowing in my face and 10 degrees below.
Harold Herring MS’66, PhD’68

Meeting Bob Hope and presented him at Homecoming.
Joseph Hildebrandt ’66, MBA’69

Really enjoyed working at the student movie theater. Loved going to the Rathskeller and eating fudge-bottom pie. Also enjoyed her calculus teacher.
Janice Gorman Holloway ’66

Rose Bowl in ’63: we lost in the last 15 seconds.
Thomas Kalinske ’66

I met my husband on a blind date through the fraternity Kappa Psi, and we are still happily married to this day!
Mary Luebke Keefer ’66, MA’88

My junior year in ’65, there was a heavy snow on St. Patty’s Day, and classes were called off. All the students were down on State Street having snowball fights and making snowmen. The Kollege Klub opened early that day and was out of green beer by noon.
George Ketterer ’66

Went abroad. The experience of being on a top-rated research campus while taking embryology. Professors were Nobel Prize winners.
Maureen Harrington Kind ’66, MA’67, PhD’79

Swimming and playing basketball in the Red Gym at noon and then going to the Union to eat lunch. Eating Babcock ice cream as well.
Albert Kohlman MS’66

Sliding down Bascom Hill on dining hall trays.
Jere Krakow MA’66

Professor George Mosse was the best professor in the entire world. He’s what inspired me to study history. I’m sure many other alumni have very fond memories of this professor.
John Leonard ’66, JD’69

During my time at the UW, I was involved in the plant ecology group, and I enjoyed hanging out at the Arboretum and around Lake Mendota!
Gerald Levy PhD’66

I went from playing Badger football to playing professional football for the San Diego Chargers.
Michael London ’66

At the beginning of my work with the Integrated Liberal Studies (ILS) program, we went out on Bascom and looked for stars. It was a great experience and a good introduction to college. Some of the ILS professors went on to Harvard and dean positions, so they were very good. They were experts in history, anthropology, sociology, and history of science. All of the class was connected, and the same 300 people all learned together. I made great connections with the program and my peers.
Rudy Bratman Lubov ’66

I loved the football team that was led by Pat Richter, hearing the band, and singing, “U RAH RAH!”
Frank Meade ’66

I took an astronomy class and just three years ago, I started an astronomy club in my town. It’s really growing and doing wonders, and I’m really proud of the fact that I started this club. Even though I was interested in astronomy in high school, the class I took at the UW gave me the foundation to have astronomy as a hobby for my entire life. The teacher I had for the class was an astronaut, and it was just a whole combination of things that really gave me the background to do all of this.
Joan Buelow Mieritz ’66

Homecoming concerts, displays, and floats.
David Musolf ’66

Climbing up Bascom Hill is a memory — I’ve never been in such good shape! It was a good time and a beautiful campus.
Deborah Rowbotham Rechnagel MS’66

The English department was outstanding, and I still support it. My favorite professor, Professor Lawrence Dembo, was an amazing teacher. He taught a seminar on T. S. Eliot poetry, and he added to a first-rate department. I look forward to returning to the English department and seeing how it has improved.
Judith Renault Reese MA’66

I loved my history and math professors such as R. H. Bing, and I cherished my experience at the UW.
Gerhard Ritter ’66, PhD’71

The current mayor, Paul Soglin ’66, JD’72, leading the revolutionaries to take over the Peterson Office Building in protest of the Vietnam War was a fascinating event to witness.
Jeffrey Roethe ’66, JD’69

I met my husband here, and I was the first winner of the Nielsen tennis tournament. It’s great to hear that the stadium is still standing as a memorial!
Jane Shapiro Row ’66

At the Law School, the campus protests during the Vietnam War and the tear gas were very memorable.
Randall Schumann ’66, JD’69

My graduating from the UW was one of the highlights of my life. I wasn’t sure I would make it through, but at my graduation, my dad and I were very proud.
Sharon Stark ’66

I made a lifelong friend in my dorm on Lakeshore in Sullivan Hall.
Roger Van Vreede ’66

I loved to watch The Imitations play on campus, one of my favorite concerts being in the Great Hall at the student union.
E. (Eugene) Joshua Weinstein ’66

I remember being on Bascom Hill when I heard about the Kennedy assassination.
Marc Williamson ’66, MS’68

Eating Babcock ice cream was amazing — but it was a bit difficult in the winter!
Patricia Guttman Wolbe ’66