Chapter Website Quick Guide

Recent Chapter Leader Website Updates

We are excited about some recent updates to the chapter website homepages. These updates include;

Billboard Text – This is the most prominent change to the homepage structure. At the top, just below your chapter image, there is a text area available where chapters can craft a unique message that all visitors will see right away. By default, all chapters will have a generic message in this location, but updating this is very simple. From the Dashboard, select “Widgets” (formerly called “Sidebars”), enter a widget name, select “Billboard Text” from the “Widget Type” dropdown and enter the text (400 character limit) you would like to use. After clicking “Publish” this message will update on your homepage. This is a great spot to welcome new visitors, highlight important chapter events, or share unique updates from your chapter.

Call-to-Action Button – As your chapter has an important function or event, this button stands out on the homepage and pairs perfectly with the Billboard Text to drive visitors to a different page, news post, or event. Similarly, this button can be easily be created through the “Widgets” section and selecting the “Call-to-Action Button”. You have the ability to set what the button says (24 character limit) and then set the URL that the button will link to. Please note, you can only have one Call-to-Action Button, so the most recently published button will be updated. Also, be sure you include “http://www.” when creating a button.

Social Media Icons – We moved the social media icons to a more prominent location on the homepage. Adding and updating the social media accounts shown is the same as previously. Located in the “Widgets” section (again, was formerly named “Sidebars”) simply select “Social” from the drop down and place the URLs for your accounts in there.

Events and Chapter News – We updated the organization of how chapter events and chapter news items are represented on the homepage. By creating a tabs, our goal is allow visitors to see where event and news items are listed without having to scroll and therefore not missing some important details. The publishing of chapter news and events is the exact same as previously; chapter news (posts) can be created and published through the Dashboard of selecting “Posts” and add new or editing an existing one. Chapter events need to be published by WAA, so contact Sam with all the event details and he will publish those. The reason for this is that the events tie into the overall WFAA events calendar so they need to be properly organized to ensure they are published to all the right locations throughout WFAA websites.

Chapter Website Homepage and Dashboard

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Homepage – The first page most visitors will see on your chapter webpage and is meant as an overview of your chapter activity and help visitors find the page or area of your website they are looking for.

Dashboard – The administrative area of your website. Chapter leaders with login credentials will login to the site and will be able to view the Dashboard and edit or create new features on your chapter website.

Menu – In the top left, the Menu is shown. This is how users navigate between Pages in your website. There are some default Menu options associated with the default Pages on your chapter website. Menu items are added when Pages are created.

Pages – Pages are best used for information that should be easily found and not regularly changing. There are a number of default pages (About Us, News, and Scholarships) published to all chapter websites. As a chapter leader, you can edit and update existing pages. If you would like a new page, you can create one but it will need to be approved by the WFAA Digital Marketing team prior to publishing.

Posts – Posts are best for chapter news and timely updates. Think of posts as essentially a blog. Create posts about chapter news, upcoming events, past events, and other timely chapter updates. Posts can be created, edited and published completely by chapter leaders. No WFAA approval is needed, but we do keep an eye on website posts and help update and format if we see any issues. You can see all Posts through the Homepage by clicking the “Chapter News” tab just below the “Billboard Text” or clicking “News” on the left-side Menu.

Media – From the Dashboard, this is where all images, files, and items that you uploaded are stored.

Widgets – Widgets are customizable aspects that help personalize your chapter website. There are a variety of different options and once you create or update a widget, the chapter website automatically makes the updates after clicking “Publish/Update”. By default, Widgets are not published but they are very easy to create.

Types of Widgets

Contact – Places a name, title, and contact details on the left side menu. We recommend publishing no more than 3 or 4 chapter contacts. If you want more names listed, consider adding to the “About Us” page or creating a “Contact Us” page or something.

Badger Hangouts – Add location details for where visitors can find your Badger game watches. You can add multiple Badger Hangouts by creating additional Widgets that are set as “Badger Hangout”. Once added here, locations are added to the left side menu and also added to a map on a Badger Hangout page (if created).

Sponsor – If your chapter has a sponsor (or multiple) add their details as well as their logo here and they will show up on the left side of your chapter site. You can add multiple sponsors by adding a new widget for each sponsor.

Social – Place your social media links here and your social media icons will update. Chapter websites are setup to share Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts.

Call-to-Action Button – This Widget places a personalized button on the chapter website homepage. You can set the text of the button and the URL the button clicks to. We highly recommend pairing the Call-to-Action Button to the message of the Billboard Text.

Billboard Text – Create a personalized message at the top of your chapter webpage.