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Those were the days...

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Craig Lee says: September 23 2010

Tinka, Nick, Craig (me) and Wormy - Except for those terrible cheap sweaters that year it was quite memorable. Too much fun!

Steve Winistorfer says: October 05 2010

Do you remember Tinka's real first name...all we ever called her was Tinka. I do remember 'Wormy' but only called her Kathy. Being in the UW Marching Band (and drum major in 1982, about when this photo was taken), Tinka and Kathy were two of the gems in the cheerleading squad. Those really were the days...

thomas gilligan jr says: October 05 2010

Craig, you Nick, Sparky and JAM were the reasons I decided to become a cheerleader. I tried to avoid being around open flames when wearing the uniform.

C T Sylke says: October 05 2010

As another former Marching Band member (marching with Steve Winistorfer in the late 1970s through grad school in the mid 1980s), I'll second the nostalgic endorsement. "Wormy" I think was Kathy Schwerm - a terrific lady and great fun. What memories from football Saturdays at Union South, Camp Randall and our after-game concerts in front of Bascom Hall...

Craig Lee says: November 04 2010

Tinka's real name was Kathryn Johnston. Her married name was Thompson. I just received word that she passed away 4 days ago, October 31, 2010. Life is precious and short, make the most of your days! I appreciated our marching band so much back then. They really made the day fun. I still think back to our band whenever I hear a good college band. Thanks for all the practice and effort.

Thomas Bales says: January 12 2011

Just seeing this today. That stinks. Tinka visited me in San Diego after I graduated UW (and also the Marching Band)...great time, but sadly I think that's the last time I saw her, don't recall her attending any Homecomings but I've missed a few as well. What fun to recall those days of our youth! Where did Schwerm end up? She used to be the only woman I ever recall playing football with us before marching band practice - and not only was she HOT, but she was a pretty good receiver! Craig, you're right, enjoy life's blessings.

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