Our Squad, Summer Practice

Summer practice before the big season, Cheerleaders, 1980 or 1981? What fun.

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elizabeth van ess-gallagher says: September 29 2010

Why didn't anyone tell Terri and me it was a swimming party?

Lisa O'Hearn says: October 05 2010

Betsy! How's it going? My niece lives in a house just down the street from St. James Court...lots of fun times there!

elizabeth van ess-gallagher says: October 07 2010

Is this the Lisa that lived with Eileen? My daughter is a sophomore at UW and I torture her by being nostalgic and driving past 1110 all the time!!! I'm going to the homecoming game on Sat....first time in 25 years, ugh!! I'm old!! Hope all is well with you!

Lisa O'Hearn says: October 29 2010

Hi Betsy, Yes, it is the Lisa that lived with Eileen! How fun that your daughter is there...it sure has changed in 25 years! I have two children in college (but not there...) and one more who is a senior. It would be great if he ended up in Madison. We'll soon find out!

eileen kallin says: February 15 2011

Reminiscing about the St James Court Days...This is the Eilen that lived with Lisa that lived in the house on St James Court. How's it going?

chris percy says: March 19 2011

Hey Betsy, Lisa and Eileen, This is Chris from our St. James duplex days!! How fun to see your comments here after all these years! I'm still around Madison, and our oldest son Tyler graduates from UW this spring. He lives right around the corner from our old place. Where is everyone living? Any chance of a reunion?

Lisa O'Hearn says: April 05 2011

Hi Chris! This is the strangest place for us to be carrying on a conversation! We live in New Jersey, but our youngest is a senior in high school and UW is one of his top choices...we will be coming at the end of April to check it out again! Would be great to see you, but don't know if there will be enough time...flying into Milwaukee late on the 28th and leaving from Milwaukee late on the 29th...have to get back to NJ for lacrosse game on Saturday. Just noticed that the 29th is Alumni Day...will be a crazy day in Madison! Would love to see you if you will be around campus that day...or maybe in August if we're bringing him to school :) My email is irishirish5@aol.com.

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