Calvin D. Fowler 1955

Calvin Fowler class of 1955 sitting at the Mercury Atlas console where he launched Scott Carpenter, Wally Schirra and Gordon Cooper into orbit aboard the Convair Mercury Atlas missile. May 11, 2011

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Robert M Rosenberg says: August 13 2011

The year was more like 1971, not 2011.

Nicolle Zellner says: September 13 2011

Actually, Robert, those Mercury flights with Carpenter, Schirra, and Cooper, occurred between 1962 and 1963. By 1971, we were already on the Moon and back a few times! (I think the May 11, 2011 date is the day the picture was posted here.)

Calvin Fowler says: January 10 2012

Nicolle you are correct. I graduated from U of W in 1955 with a BSEE. The picture was taken in early May 1963 for a press release for the Gordon Cooper Mercury Atlas Flight on May 15, 1963. I posted the picture on May 11, 2011. Mercury Astronaut Scott Carpenter signed the picture for me in 2011. Sorry for any confusion. Calvin Fowler

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